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4 Great Uses For Our Squirrel Discs

Squirrels are fun creatures to watch in action. They are great entertainment when drinking a cup of coffee or tea in your backyard. However, they can become a problem if they get too comfortable around people or the outside conditions force them to seek refuge and make a new home in a more habitable place. For this reason, Repel 360 Technology created an amazing product that gets rid of squirrels and other rodents in a humane way. In today’s blog we bring you four great uses for our Squirrel Discs. Keep reading to learn more!

Protect Your Bird Feeders

Squirrels are notorious for getting into bird feeders if they are hungry, which can drive the birds away — the total opposite of why you might have installed the feeders in the first place. Also, another reason could be to avoid the squirrels from building a nest in the feeder itself, making it really hard to get back that real estate until the baby squirrels are ready to leave the nest.

Avoid Damage to Your Vehicles

In the dead of winter, a warm vehicle can be a saving grace for a small rodent on the verge of freezing. That being said, the problem comes with their natural ability to perpetually grow teeth. Their teeth are always growing and they need to gnaw on things to keep them around a controllable size — this is where your vehicle’s wires come into play. The last thing you want is to go to your car in the morning and not be able to start it due to the damage to the wiring system done by these rodents.

Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

One thing that you might not know is that the walls and ceiling lines of your home or building can be a very attractive place for a rodent to build their home. Squirrels might look at this as an opportunity to have a home that offers better protection against predators and other factors that can affect them.

Keep Your Flowers Beautiful

Your flower bed is your pride and joy. You come in every day and see that all the effort you put into it has paid off. However, an infestation of rodents can destroy that in the matter of weeks or even days. Placing a few Squirrel Discs which can repel not only squirrels but other rodents can be the difference between having a beautiful flower bed and not having it.

Whether you are currently having problems with squirrels or are looking to avoid these issues in the future, the Repel 360 Squirrel Discs are a very effective solution without dealing with the issue in a more cruel way. Check out our natural repellents for different rodents, insects, and more and purchase your from Repel 360 Technology today!