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Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs don’t hide far from their source of food. Therefore, they often hide in areas that people spend most of their time either at home, office or in public places.

Signs of bed bugs

It is usually when the Bed bug infestation is at alarming levels that people start realizing they have a problem. For some people, it is often when they start having bites that it dawns on them that there is a beg bug infestation in their homes. Others don’t even notice the infestation of Bed bugs because of their elusive nature. Despite the difficulty to spot them, bed bugs often leave signs of their presence on your body as well as in the house. These clues give a clear indication of bed bug infestation.

There are many signs that give a clear indication that your dwelling place is infested with bed bugs.

What do bed bugs look like?

The small size of bed bugs makes it difficult to spot them. But a keen observer can easily spot the little pestilence. In addition to being small, they are wingless and flat with three legs on both sides of the body. Often referred to as bloodsuckers like mosquitoes, Bed bugs feed on the blood of furry animals or Humans. Depending on their life cycle, their color varies from off-white to brown. But upon feeding, their color turns to rusty red.

The adult stage and Nymph stage are the two peculiar stage of Bed bugs. Nymphs are freshly hatched from the eggs and have a size as small as the head of a pin. This life stage is marked with a white coloration which changes to red on feeding.

The adults, on the other hand, are wingless all through their lives. Although they have wing pads, these do not develop any further into working wings. The adults are marked with by brown colors and just like the nymphs, they become red on feeding on blood. At full growth, they measure up to 5millimeters. Astute observers can easily spot Bed bugs most especially after they feed, on corners of beds, crevices, and other furniture.

If you ever come across any bed bugs it is important to take proper action. To give yourself a comfortable night sleep as well as prevent hitchhiking bed bugs from gaining access to you, use LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating ArthroPad. It works where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box spring. Our product’s critical element, ArthroShield™ 880, is a ready-to-use natural insecticide which provides easy pest control against Arthropods & other crawling insects.

Completely safe for humans and pets, the ArthroPad works mechanically to eliminate bed bugs and other crawling insects. When bed bugs come into contact with the ArthroPad, the insect’s exoskeleton is damaged, which causes the insects to dehydrate and die within 48 hours. Insects cannot become immune to ArthroShield™ 880

How do you get bed bugs?

The way people get bed bugs in their homes nowadays, it can be funny to think that bed bugs have magic powers. Their unexpected appearance often leaves most people, frustrated, confused and alarmed. How do people get bed bugs? Is probably the question on your mind right now? The answer to that isn’t farfetched. There is no mystery tied to it their sudden appearance. The ways via which people get beds can be very surprising.

How Bed Bugs Spread

People wrongly assume that bed bugs like dirt, and as such, they are attracted to dirty environments. When it comes to dirt, Bed bugs don’t really care if the environment is clean or packed with dirt. What they are bothered with are people and furry animals. They are only attracted to their next blood meal and of which dirt has no part to play in that.

Places with a constant influx of people, such as hotels, terminals of trains and buses and schools, are often places where bed bugs that spread. With the movement of people across these parts, bed bugs can easily attach themselves and hitch a free ride with no cost.

Their minute structure allows them to easily fit and attached themselves to luggage and fabrics until they find a lovely area in your apartment to utilize as a new base. So, in a weird but truth for way, humans and sometimes animals unconsciously aid in the spread of bed bugs.

Where can you get bed bugs?

You can easily get bed bugs from places with large clusters of people such as college hostels, the waiting room of offices, government buildings and so on. In addition, Places which do not have a large number of people such as movie theaters, buses, and daycare, still provide a place where people can easily get bed bugs on their fabrics, bags, and clothing. Put simply, anywhere that has a good number of people are coming and going might most likely have bed bugs lying around. Unfortunately, one might just attach itself to your clothing without your consent.

Another name for bed bugs ought to be “hitchhikers” because they travel as much as humans. Their means of transportation is usually luggage and fabrics. Irrespective of how clean a hotel might claim to be, if you are not careful, you might just give a bed bug a free ride back to your home with your luggage.

Where do bed bugs come from?

Because of their strong likeness of warm blood, bed bugs are often found anywhere there are lots of humans and furry pets. They are most likely to come from places with a huge influx of people and in most cases, they are found in beds and other furniture that humans spend most of the time on. Luggage and crevices are also breeding ground for Bed bugs. Bed bugs do not exclusively come from houses and apartments alone, they come from a variety of places such as:

    • Office buildings
    • Hostels
    • Hospitals
    • Apartment complex complexes
    • Transport vehicles e.g. Taxi cabs, buses, airplanes and trains
    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Libraries
    • Movie theaters and so on.

The list is quite inexhaustible. As long as you can find humans (and other warm-blooded animals in any place), there are high chances that bed bugs can come from such places.

It doesn’t really matter where bedbugs come from, what matters is how you eliminate. The idea is to kill the bedbugs first and ask questions later. Using our BEDBUG 360 Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad can help you achieve that. Our unique ArthroPad material is soft to replicate the feel of human skin to a bed bug. The pattern of holes in the material was designed by an entomologist to attract bed bugs. We see holes. Bed bugs see an invitation to bore. When they do, DEATH awaits them.

Completely safe for non-insects, this element is a type of physical barrier that will puncture an insect’s exoskeleton if they try to cross it, eliminating them with force rather than relying on toxic chemicals. Insects can not become immune to it and the effectiveness does not decrease after wear or washing. In addition, the element isn’t airborne, so you’ll be perfectly safe sleeping in proximity to it (while the treatment is safe to touch, it is drying to the skin so you should always use normal bedding products along with the Layer One products.)

How to prevent bed bugs

The best treatment method for bed bugs is to completely prevent any form of infestation from happening initially. If they are absent from your homes, they can’t cause any havoc in the first place. Once a home is infiltrated, by these meddling bugs, it can take a couple of weeks to drive them out. The 5 steps below help to prevent the infestation of these bugs.

Step 1: Know what bed bugs look like

Learn what a bed bug looks like and also learn cues about their presence in the house. This little knowledge can go a long way in preventing an all-out infestation. You might find it difficult to stop a couple of bugs from entering your home, but an early detection can save you from harboring a full colony.

Step 2: Do a routine Check on your mattress regularly

Carryout out a regular check on your mattress to find hints of the presence of bed bugs. Check for shells, eggs, live bedbugs, sheds of skin and also stains on the sides of your mattress. Also, when you check bed linens for signs of bed bugs such as blood spots and feces matter.

You can utilize BEDBUG 360’s Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad if you observe any of these signs on your mattress. BEDBUG 360’s Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad works where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box springs.

You can also use BEDBUG 360’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress or Box Spring Encasement. It is the ultimate in protection from arthropods.  The encasement was made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology.

Step 3: Carry out a thorough inspection when sleeping in a hotel or in a friend’s house

Inspect the sleeping area thoroughly if you are checking into a hotel or probably spending the night at a colleague’s place. Check the mattress, dresser, and headboards for any sign of bed bugs before you sleep or place your luggage and other personal items in the room. You want to avoid taking these little home wreckers back to your home with you.

Step 4: Check your home after visitors leave

Inspect your home after guests spend a night or two n your place with their luggage. Your guests might not be aware that they’ve helped in bringing bed bugs to your home. It is important you check the rooms they slept in for any sign of bed bugs as well as the places they kept their personal belongings like luggage.

Step 5: Don’t use discarded furniture

Avoid picking any discarded furniture no matter how fancy and new it might look. You don’t know what might be lurking in the corners of discarded furniture. Also, you should pay close attention to second-hand furniture you may want to purchase. Carrying out a thorough inspection will go a long way in saving you from a bed bug infestation.

Second-hand furniture doesn’t clean itself. And you have no idea how long it’s been since someone had them cleaned. And even if they are clean, they could still be riddled with bed bugs brought in by the last owner to use it.

Best to treat any used furniture or second-hand furniture with BEDBUG 360’s Ar Bed Bug Repellant Spray before taking it into your homes. It gives you all-round protection not just from bed bugs, but from other arthropods like lice and ticks as well.