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4 Reasons Why Our Skeeter Beaters Repellant Clips Are the Best In the Industry

There’s one thing that we can all agree on, and that’s how annoying mosquitoes can be. Whether you are in your backyard or are taking a hike to connect with nature, a mosquito problem can quickly ruin your enjoyment. At Repel 360 Technology, we understand this about mosquitoes and have an amazing product to help you deal with it.

In today’s blog, we want to talk about what makes our Skeeter Beaters Mosquito Repellent are considered a great product.


Easy to Use

Yes, there are a myriad of mosquito repellent products, but not all of them are easy to use or take with you. One of the main advantages of our mosquito repellent mini clips is that they’ll clip to almost any fabric (on your backpack, shorts/pants, etc.) and repel mosquitoes around you. You don’t have to worry about mosquitos once the clips are in place.

Lasting Effect

Something that we like to point out about our mosquito repellent clips is that they last from six to eight weeks with full efficacy. No need to buy an excessive amount of repellents that are not only not as effective but create more waste and with some of them even being bad for the environment.

Lab Tested for Safety & Effectiveness

At Repel 360 Technology, we are extremely proud to be able to present to you a product that has been tested on multiple levels to provide a safe alternative to mosquito repellents without sacrificing on quality. Our patented technology can be the solution you need for your mosquito problems.

Pesticide Free

Some other products that claim to be more efficient are also mixed with pesticides and other chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but they can have some unwanted effects and reactions on your skin and respiratory system such as allergic reactions.

Whether you want to explore the outdoors, have a relaxing afternoon in your patio while having people over, or are looking to make your walks with your puppy more pleasant, a mosquito repellent can help. Check out Repel 360 Technology store for our mosquito repellent and many other products that offer the same quality and benefits for other pests and problems!