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What Sets Our Ticked Off Mini Clips Apart?

There’s something unsettling about ticks and their bites. While being bitten by a tick is often painless and the minor side effects are easily dismissed, ticks are also able to transmit bacteria that can cause illnesses such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be taking chances with these insects. Lucky for you, Repel 360 Technology has an outstanding product to repel ticks and we want to talk about what makes our product stand out from the rest! Read on to learn more.

Lab Tested & Safe to Use

All of the products at Repel 360 Technology have been lab tested not only to be efficient and perform the way you need to, but we also make sure that our products are safe for you, your family, and your pets. We understand that there’s no use in dealing with the problem while adding another complication, hence we made sure that our products are 100% safe to use.

Deet & Pesticide Free

Your safety is one of our top priorities, however it’s not our only concern. We wanted to make sure that our products were not going to affect the environment and we decided to create all of our products deet and pesticide free. Our tick repellent is made with all natural ingredients.

Long Lasting Repellent

One of the common issues about repellents in general is that they tend to last for short periods of time. It can be annoying to apply spray every hour or some people simply tend to forget to reapply thinking that one application is enough. That’s why our tick repellent clips last between six to eight weeks.

Great Value

While other tick repellents can look like they offer a great value due to their price tag, you have to consider that their application often last for a couple of hours (at the most) making you use their product multiple times per days as needed, which results in the product not lasting as long as you may need it. Our tick repellent clips are a one-time-application which can last up to eight weeks, you won’t find better value anywhere else!

Keep your family and your pets safe from ticks with our tick repellent clips. Our patented formulas and technology make our repellent products a safe option. Check out our store today and purchase our pesticide-free tick repellent.