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Why Our Mouse Balls Are a Great Solution For Mice Problems

We can all agree that having a mouse problem is never a good thing. No matter how much you love animals, a mouse problem can quickly turn into a nightmare if it’s not dealt with properly. That being said, dealing with a mouse problem has to be done meticulously because nobody wants to do the cleaning after dealing with them. That’s why Repel 360 Technology brings you a humane and easy way to get rid of the problem without any cleanup needed. Read more to know why our Mouse Ball is an amazing solution for your mouse problems.

A Humane Option

Dealing with mice with traps and glue pads forces you to ultimately deal with the dead rodent — nobody likes that. Our patent-protected technology deals with rodents by using scents that they can’t tolerate. However, the smell is pleasant to humans, making it a great solution for the problem without having to deal with the aftermath of a killing product.

Natural & Safe

While glue pads are not that bad or dangerous, mouse traps can be a problem for your pets and children. The Mouse Balls rodent repellent that Repel 360 offers is made with natural ingredients and poses no threat to people or your pets.

No Cleanup Needed

This is something worth mentioning twice. When using traps or glue pads, the mouse is caught in place and while sometimes it does not kill them on the spot, they will soon die after that. If you are not checking these traps frequently, the mouse can start decomposing, creating a disgusting smell after a few days. When you have mice fleeing the scene with our mouse repellents, you won’t have to deal with cleaning after the “job is done.”

Easy to Place Anywhere

The Mouse Balls from Repel 360 are simple to use and can fit almost anywhere. With a simple twist and dropping them in the ideal location, you should be able to start seeing less mouse activity. Places like under the appliances, closets, shelving, attics, crawl spaces, and almost anywhere you can think of are a good location to place our repellents.

Deal with your mouse problem in a humane way without worrying about efficiency or the aftermath of traps that are made to kill rodents. Check out Repel 360 Technology store to check out our variety of repellents to keep your home or office free of critters and insects.