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Mouse Tape: Mouse Tape Rodent Repelling Automotive, RV, Boat, Farm Equipment Tape

Establish your no chew zone. A great alternative to poisons, the easy-to-use Mouse-Tape Rodent Repelling Automotive Tape keeps critters from chewing your car parts and other wires. Each pack contains SIX 11" x 1.7" self-adhesive strips for 66" of total protection. Non-toxic Mouse-Tape is safe around pets and family. Made in the USA with natural active ingredients.

  • Provides up to 6 months of protection
  • Keeps critters away from up to 8' circumference
  • Ideal under the hood of vehicles, tractors, ATVs, campers, RVs, in attics, vacation homes, garages, and more
  • Safe-to-use strips are a great alternative to poisons
  • Provides up to 6 months of total protection
  • Keeps critters away up to 8'
  • Natural active ingredients are non-toxic
  • Easy to use 11" strips – just peel and stick

Ideal Locations:

  • Vehicles, under the hood
  • Boats, campers, RVs
  • Tractors, UTVs, ATV storage
  • In garages and toolboxes
  • Attics and vacation homes
  • Under outside patio furnishings
  • Food storage/pantries/feed areas
  • Crawl spaces/inside walls
  • Under appliances
  • Shelving and cabinets
  • Under bird feeders
  • And more!