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BedBug 360 ArthroShield Mattress Encasement
BedBug 360 ArthroShield Mattress Encasement

BedBug 360 ArthroShield Mattress Encasement

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Traditional mattress encasement's trap bedbugs in or out, but do nothing to eliminate them.  In a recent survey, people were asked, "Would you sleep on a bed with bedbugs trapped inside an encasement?"  The unanimous answer was "NO".  But now, there's a new bedbug weapon in the encasement market.

Introducing Bedbug 360's Mattress Encasement with patent pending ArthroShield technology.  A safe and effective method of eliminating bedbugs ON THE BED.  Bedbug 360's Mattress Encasement provides ArthroShield technology on all sides of the mattress.  The CHEMICAL FREE insecticide on the ArthroShield Encasement kills most bedbugs within 48 hours of contact.  Other features are.....

  • Entomologist designed & tested
  • University tested
  • Bedbugs cannot become immune to the ArthroShield technology
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Reduces the proliferation of bedbugs
  • Breaks the breeding cycle

Combine the ArthroShield Encasement with Professional Pest Management for a powerful weapon in the war on bedbugs.

BedBug 360's ArthroShield Encasement should be installed in all "shared mattress" areas such as...

  • AirBNB's
  • VRBO's
  • Dorms
  • Barracks
  • Fire Stations
  • Hotels
  • Government Housing

The BedBug 360 ArthroShield Encasement is available in 12" or 18" depth.

Registration Requirements-The active ingredient in this product is a minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from product registration under FIFRA Sec. 25(b)