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Mouse Repellent Balls
Mouse Repellent Balls
Mouse Repellent Balls
Mouse Repellent Balls

Mouse Repellent Balls

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Why Mouse Balls?

Setting out mouse traps and poison not only puts children and pets at risk but also fails to deter rodents — spelling trouble for the whole family. Mouse Balls take a new approach to rodent repellent: by releasing a natural scent that is intolerable to rodents’ strong sense of smell (but pleasant to humans), Mouse Balls drive mice and rodents away from your home without harming them or your family. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Mouse Balls are the most highly effective and longest-lasting all-natural pest control product on the market!

  • Active ingredients: 100% pure and natural Appalachian peppermint oil
  • Humane
  • Safe to use around pets and family
  • Natural active ingredients
  • NO mess, NO cleanup
  • Great alternative to glue traps
  • Patent protected MIMIX technology

Ideal Locations:

  • Under appliances
  • Shelving and cabinets
  • Vehicles, under the hood
  • Attics and vacation homes
  • Clothing and desk drawers
  • In the garage and toolboxes
  • Under outside patio furnishings
  • Food storage/pantry/feed areas
  • Crawl spaces
  • Under bird feeders
  • And more!
Registration Requirements-The active ingredient in this product is a minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from product registration under FIFRA Sec. 25(b)